Friday, 22 March 2013


Uclan Chog Zoo Animation Brief

We were honoured to be asked to take part in Uclan's 2nd year brief for the university's animation course, with the students task being to create a 30 second promotional animation that could publicise Chog Zoo. We then offered guidance and technical advice to the students as their brief progressed, before eventually selecting the top three.

It was a difficult task to say the least, but it was rewarding to be able to help out students and hopefully give them an insight into the hazy, crazy world of professional briefs and adhering to time restrictions in animation.

With students producing work of such an impressive quality, we were faced with an incredibly tough choice. Nevertheless, we had to select "winners", and here are the top three:

3rd - "Dream" - by Kate Muldowney & Hannah Williams

The storybook feeling and nostalgia that Hannah and Kate have created really impressed us, and at the animatic stage we had already been really blown away. Communicating the idea of a love for creativity, and how dreams can blossom from a young age was very in keeping with our personal history and lifelong love for storytelling. Watch "Dream" here!

2nd - "Park" - Kevin List & Jamie Sellers

The clever idea of integrating varying styles of animation was a great way to collaborate using very different technical approaches. The final render came together very nicely, and the attention to detail in the 3D really impressed us - notice the way certain parts of scenery pop out, like the bench unfolding and picnic bench umbrellas growing. Watch "Park" here

1st - "Rusty Beard" - David Applegate & Heyi

We found the surreal atmosphere that Heyi and David created to be very entertaining, and the comic timing had us chuckling on each repeat view. Rusty Beard is a very memorable creation, neatly edited and consistently amusing. We feel that creating memorable situations is essential in brand promotion, and it is for this reason that we awarded Rusty Beard first place. Watch "Rusty Beard" here